Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon

I read the Vignelli Cannon, it was interesting, but you could tell it was not written for the digital age.  I learned quite a bit about design.  I found out that I should not use more than 2 fonts in one design, I didn’t realize this, I am sure I have made this mistake in the past, but I will try not to do it again.  I also learned that the white spaces can mean something and are not just blank spaces that need to be filled.  I think it was a good resource to read and it provided a lot of information that I had not heard about before.

One thought on “Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon”

  1. I wouldn’t say that using more than two fonts is a mistake. The mistake people make is in not thinking about how the font(s) contribute to the design and how the various elements work together.

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