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What’s in the bag-Visual Assignment-Isabelle McIntosh

This visual assignment is to tell what is in Isabelle McIntosh’s purse. It is a 3 star assignment

Isabelle’s purse is basic black purse that contains several things that she uses on a daily basis.   She always has a comb and her lipstick, she is not a vain girl, she just likes to have a neat appearance.  She always carries a couple hair combs, just in case she needs to dress her short hair up a little.  Isabelle always has a book, currently she is carrying a copy of the latest Agatha Christie novel,  Agatha is her favorite author and she dreams of one day being just like her.  She has a little cash and some loose change in case she needs to make an emergency purchase.  She always carries  a photo of her family, she is the baby in the family and misses the carefree times she used to spend with her parents and two older brothers.  She always carries a pair of black gloves in her bag,  her mother always told her that every young woman should have gloves with them.    She has a handkerchief that belonged to her mother, she often just holds it for the security she feels when she does.   Isabelle always has a notebook  and a pen that she uses to keep notes with.  She likes to keep up with the news and she jots down notes about things she has heard and her thoughts.