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And Then There Were None

This 5 star video assignment was to do a video essay.  I picked “And then there were none” because Agatha Christie is Isabelle’s favorite writer and someone she aspires to be.  I went through several scenes and marked what I thought was important to the watcher.  The movie was good, but predictable.  As soon as someone admits to their crime, you know their time has come to die.   I used Movie Maker to create this video essay. I had a hard time getting all my captions to stay in the movie.  I think it was just an example of save and save often.  I believe this one has all my edits in it.

Public Service Announcement-George Bozzo

This is a 5 star assignment to create a Public Service Announcement.  I used the emergency broadcast sounds that I downloaded from Freesound.org and I recorded the audio myself.  I used a fellow character in DS106 (George Bozzo) a known mobster and wanted to warn everyone about him.  I used Movie Maker to make this.  I learned a lot because getting the sound where I wanted it was a little difficult at first.

Life as a dog

This is a 4 Star assignment that I just loved doing.  It took me a long time because I’m not very good with video yet.   I started with Powerpoint and put in pictures of my dog Dixie.  Then I made a few video’s of her “fetching” and put them on Movie Maker so I could add titles.  Then I found the perfect song and used


to convert the song to an MP3 so I could use it on my video.  I added everything to PowerPoint and then had to “optimize the Video” so I could save it as a WMV.  Then I posted it on YouTube.  Here is my final video.

I learned an important lesson.  PowerPoint cannot handle the size of all the videos.  I ended up moving it all to Movie Maker and putting it together there and it ended up so much better.