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Radio Show Progress

I started Monday wondering if I would be able to find a Radio Show Team.  This was very stressful because I only really know one person in the class, Barbara Hall, so we got together and started working on adding more members to our team.  The first thing we did was send a Tweet to Spencer Scott, he is awesome and has helped both of us do a lot of projects.  He had a friend he had already agreed to team up with so that is when we met Cody Walker.  He is very friendly and has lots of great ideas.  Lastly was Emily Bostaph, she is a quirky and seems like a really fun person to work with.  We started talking about our characters and it was weird, its like we planned this.  Mine is Isabelle, she is a sleuth.  Spencer’s character, Donnie, is a reporter, so far so good.  Barbara’s character, George, is a Mob Boss.  Cody’s character is a criminal, it was getting even better.  But, what were we missing?  A Femme Fatale, we really needed one for a good Noir story and guess what Emily’s character, Cecilia, is.  Perfect.  So many ideas going through our heads now.  This is practically writing itself.   We have met a few times on Google Doc’s and brainstormed and split up the work.  Right now we are planning on doing a show very much like “Elliott in the Morning”.  I’m very excited about our progress.  With this amazing team this is going to be a great project.