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2 down, 14 to go.

Week two has been really taxing.  I started off messing up and not starting on Monday.  I will not do that again.  I plan to do a little every night so that I can relax a little on the weekends.  I am learned a lot about Noir and myself this week.  I started participating in the Daily Creates, my first one was trying to get my Yodel to post.  I fought with SoundCloud for over 2 hours and nothing seemed to work.  I finally had to switch computers and it worked that way.  I think I must have something blocked on my new computer and I still haven’t figured out what that was.  Here is my Yodel, it is horrible, but I do like the picture of my cat.

This took me most of the night to get posted, so the next night I was on to the eye selfie.  I didn’t have much trouble with this one but I did learn an important thing.  Sometimes these posts take a long time to make it to the daily create page.  This was frustrating because I kept refreshing the page and my eyes were not showing up.  I looked at others that had posted and assured myself that I was doing it correctly.  It just took several hours for my post to show up.  I didn’t see it until the next day.  Here is that post



The next daily create I did was Saturday morning where I read that I needed 10 pictures of my day.  This was fun and I had fun putting it together.  I started with a word document, this time I found out you can’t post a word document to Flickr, I  ended up putting it on a PowerPoint slide and saving it as a JPG and it worked a lot more smoothly than any of the other posts I had worked on this week.  Here is that assignment:



I enjoyed trying to put an “easter egg” in each photo.

I decided that i would like to do the daily create for Sunday the 25th so I have added my word picture to the site.

Daily Create 1-25-15

I did the readings, the stories were interesting, but very dark, you can’t trust anyone in these stories.  Here is the link to the write up for those.


I developed my own character, this was interesting because I could see so many things to do with it.  I wanted to make her active in the 1940’s because I want her to be around in the “Noir” era.  I did make the mistake of submitting my dossier without writing it all down, now I don’t know where to find it.  I can remember every thing except the year she was born.   Here is my character, Isabelle McIntosh.


I had a hard time working on my writing assignments.  It was hard to pick ones I thought I could complete.  I earned my 8 stars.

2.5 stars for putting random words into a short story


I also  earned 2.5 for the 10 seconds of thanks, I enjoyed it because it was thought provoking.


I had a hard time with the 10 second drawing, I just got the basics done before I had run out of time.

The writing assignment I had the most trouble selecting was the one about my character, it was hard for me to find one that I could use to develop my character.  I ended up picking the future text book entry.  That seemed like a great way to develop my character and to earn the required 3 points.


I enjoyed writing an alternate ending to “The Killers” by Ernest Hemingway.  When I first read the story I thought that Nick needed to try to do more so save Anderson, so that is how I changed the story.


That was my week, summarized as best as I can.  I never want to be doing this on a Sunday again, I have got to start sooner.

Isabelle “Red” McIntosh in the future (Textbook form)

After solving many “unsolvable” crimes for the Chicago PD Isabelle “Red” McIntosh went on to a very successful career as a mystery writer.  She has written many award winning novels, but still maintains her job at the local library, where she works for free.  She is well known, and helps the police whenever she can.  She never married, but feels that her life has been well spent putting criminals behind bars.   She is sure that even at her advanced age she will solve the 1975 case of  the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

10 Seconds of Thanks

This was difficult,  I was surprised how quickly 10 seconds could go by.  I know I missed some things, probably some very important things, I don’t think extremely clearly when I’m under pressure.

Here is what I am thankful for:

My family

My health

My home

My life

My friends

that is all I could think of in such a short time.  I am very thankful for everything, I am very blessed and I’m glad that I can recognize that.

I thought 10 seconds went quick when thinking of things I am thankful for, it goes even quicker when drawing a picture of myself.


Isabelle McIntosh

It is Chicago in the 40s, and Isabelle McIntosh is a young, twenty-something librarian that doesn’t really call much attention to herself.  The only thing that stands out about her is her striking red hair, which has earned her the nickname of Red.    She wears a lot of black and enjoys staying in the background and just watching people.  Isabelle has many friends, but she isn’t really close to any of them.  She is a very intelligent young woman who believes that women can do any thing that men can do.   Her favorite movie is “Strangers in the Night”.  When she isn’t working at the local library she has her nose in a book, her current favorite is “Three Blind Mice and other Stories” by Agatha Christie.  There is nothing that she loves more than a good mystery.   Often when she is deep in thought she fiddles with her favorite four leaf clover pin that she always wears.  It seems to be a nervous habit and her friends know that she is in her own world when she has her fingers  on it.   Isabelle lives alone in a small apartment that is cluttered with books and newspapers.  Currently the only thing she has in her fridge is a few Grape Nihi’s and some left over french fries from dinner last night.  She usually just picks up something to eat after work on her way home.

3 down, 13 to go

I started this week learning more about photography and how it can tell a story.  This really something I had never thought of before.  It really changed what I saw when I looked through the viewfinder.  Here is that written assignment

“Visual Storytelling”

This has been a great week.  I never realized how much I enjoyed taking pictures, especially black and white photos.   I really enjoyed the photo safari, here is the link to  that assignment.

Noir Safari

Here is a picture that I took while working on this assignment.  I was so excited on Wednesday morning when I saw the beautiful sky through my bathroom window.  I rushed and finished getting dressed and ran out the door and snapped some pictures.  I was so happy with them.  I finished getting ready for work and I got in my car and drove to work.  The picture below is what I saw when I got to work that morning.


I think maybe, just maybe, I got a little too excited when I saw that beautiful scene.


The next assignment I did was watching a few Noir movies.  They were all dark and pretty disturbing, but I think I got a good sense of the genre.    I watched, “The Man Who Wasn’t there”, “Killers Kiss” and “Chinatown” I tweeted to get help for the assignment and received a few answers.  I realized that there are people out there just trying to get you to download their software.  I went to the link in the DS106 Handbook and that was perfect for me.  I need to check there whenever we do an assignment  because I don’t know what I don’t know until I need it.   Here is my post for that assignment.

Reflections on Noir

I worked on my 10 stars, it was easier this time, I enjoyed putting the posts together.  The first one required me to photograph what was in my 1940’s character’s bag.  This took a lot of thought, but it helped me to understand my character more.  Here is that  3 point assignment.

“What’s in the bag”

For 2 points I did an acrostic picture.  I’m getting better at this because I have mastered this by putting my pictures into PowerPoint changing it to a jpg and saving it to Flickr.

“Acrostic” Picture

For 2 more points I did the “Make-up your Pet” assignment.  I don’t wear a lot of make-up and so I went a little crazy putting some on my cat Madison.  I used “Paint” to do it, I found that if I zoomed in to 800% it was really easy to add the colors where  I wanted them.  I think she looks a little cheap, but I needed the 2 points.

“Make-up Your Pet”

I earned my last 3 points doing the Visual Assignment “3 Frames of Love”  This was easy because I just used pictures from my life.  I love my family very much and these pictures show the beginning of my family all the way to a family trip we just took in May to Universal Studios in Florida.

“3 Frames of Love”

I did my 3 Daily Creates, they were harder this time.  I kept skipping the ones I didn’t think I could do and that got me into quite a pickle.  I need to attempt to do them daily and not be so intimidated by the unfamilular assignments.

First I did the 2048, this took me a long time, I kept trying to put pictures in the squares, but I couldn’t get them to load. I ended up loading JPEGs and it worked great.   Luckily another student in this class helped me figure it out.  Here is that assignment:


Next I had to find a household item and explain how to use it.  This one I did in PowerPoint and it wasn’t too difficult and I got a great tasting loaf of banana bread in the process.


My last daily create assignment was to draw a picture without lifting the pencil.  I am not very artistic so I decided to draw a tree.  I took a picture of my drawing and posted it on Flickr, this process is getting pretty automatic and I’m feeling more comfortable with my ability to complete this class.

“Drawing without picking up your pencil”

Lastly I updated my category list.   This was pretty easy, the hardest part was changing the current category’s of the existing posts.  I figured out that if I title my links and then link the URL it give a lot better looking link.  I really feel that my knowledge and skill have increased greatly with the passing of this week.