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Final Radio Show Reflection

I’m pretty proud of my group and how our radio show turned out.  It was so amazing to hear our radio show live on the radio.  It was nice to hear people enjoying it and to hear what the instructors had to say about it.  If I could do something differently I think we could have done a better job explaining what we were going to do at the beginning of the show; I liked when other radio shows I listened to did that.   The thing I enjoyed most about the project was meeting and working with my fellow class members.  The people in my group were amazing and it was really great to get to know them.  The hardest thing about the project was hearing my own voice.  I always thought I had a smoother voice, but it seemed quite gravely in the audio I listened to.   The only advice I could give future DS106 students would be to listen to your group members.  Our group worked closely together and I think you can tell when you listen to the final project.




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