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Double Indemnity

I watched Double Indemnity and am sorry to say, but the corny dialog caught me off guard.  I guess it was just the era it was produced in, but it just seemed childish.

Space helps frame the design in many ways.  This film was set in Los Angeles in the 40’s.  The pictures were really busy , lots of venetian blind scenes,  and there was a lot of contrast in the movie.  It was either very light or very dark.  Lots of smoking scenes, shadows and silhouettes.  It was definitely filmed in the style of Noir.  The locations of the scenes, like when he is walking down the street, are very ominous and you know that something ominous is happening.   It was interesting when he said he was walking the walk of a dead man and he walks off and there are no audible footsteps.

Most of the elements mentions in “The Ambience of Film Noir” were seen in this movie.  There is a lot of melodrama in this film and it is very suspenseful.  The elements that are not specific to a particular time or place are the shadows, the silhouettes and even the venetian blind scenes.  The could all be used in a film today.