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Valentines Day Card

This was a 3 star design assignment.  In this assignment I decided to have my 1940’s character send a valentines day card to another character from the “Noir We There Yet?” radio show.  I found a picture on Google images that I liked, then I put it on PowerPoint and wrote on it.  I changed the words to the common “Roses are Red” poem and just had fun with it.  I don’t really know if there are blue fedoras, but it worked in the card.  Here is my assignment.



Redesign Your Favorite Book cover

This is a 3 star assignment in which I had to redesign a book cover.  I picked this book because it was my characters favorite book. Isabelle McIntosh loves mysteries.    I made it the 65th Anniversary Edition because it was written in 1948.  I stuck with black and white because I think that that adds to the book cover.  It goes with the era it was originally printed in.

Three Blind Mice and Other Stories

Advertisement with a cartoon character

This assignment is worth 3 stars.  I had to do one for my character so I did Grape Nehi, it is Isabelle McIntosh’s favorite drink.  I chose Betty Boop to advertise it because she seemed like a popular character at that time.  I used PowerPoint to create this, I had fun doing it.    Here is my advertisement.


Betty Boop

Missing-Jim Groom

After watching the weekly video I decided that I needed to help find Groom.  I used a 4.5 point assignment to create a poster to help find him.  I went to the video and got the picture of Groom from there because I thought it would be the newest picture I could find.  Then I used MS Publisher to create a missing poster.  I then had to save it at a JPG so that I could upload it to Flickr.  Here is that poster.  The appropriate reward would be a Noir Cat and I have several of those to offer up.



Ok, I went back to make sure that I followed everything in the assignment and realized that I didn’t.  My note to myself was to do a Groom poster but the assignment was to put Professor in a movie poster.  I watched a couple youtube videos and learned how to use Gimp(as best as I could) and I put this together.  I hope it better fills the requirements.

Groom JE

I look forward to learning more about Gimp.  It is a really good program.