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So and So’s Greatest Hits- Not so Great Assignment-Emotions in Sound

I did this 3 star audio assignment because I really like “The Barenaked Ladies” and I wanted to share them with the class.  They are an amazing band and I wanted to prove that the theme song from the the “Big Bang Theory” is not their best work.  I took my CD and turned it into WAV files and used Audacity to edit it.  I had a hard time picking just 5 songs.  This was a fun project.

Ok, that didn’t work it was pulled down immediately from SoundCloud because of Copyright infringement.   I will have to figure out another assignment to do.

I found another 3 star assignment and did it.  I did emotions thru sound.  I used the sound of someone blowing up a balloon, it popping, the surprise from that, a giggle and a sigh.