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Soundboard Conversation

This is the Soundboard Conversation assignment for 4 Stars.  It was hard, I know the 4 pointers are supposed to be hard but this took me several hours.  I started off trying to get on to Soundboard, it would not accept any of my addresses, but finally I got it to sign on using Facebook.  I picked the Breakfast Club because I love that movie.  I picked 6 quotes to use and downloaded them.  I put them into Audacity and started the process of making it work.  I had to download my audio separately and upload it to Audacity and it worked great.  I wanted to put the song, “Don’t You Forget About Me” in the background to try to make it more obvious which movie I was taking quotes from.  I ended up purchasing it on Amazon.com and I couldn’t get that to work.  I asked my son (26 years old) and he had it in an email to me in 3 minutes.  I am just not as tech savvy as I would like to be.   I put the audio together to my liking and uploaded it to SoundCloud.   I’m happy with how it turned out.