Week 11-Really???

This week we worked on our characters and created a Agency.  Barbara and I have brainstormed to see how a Librarian/Detective would have any thing to do with a Mobster.  We found an interesting way to do this and we look forward to sharing our story.

We were asked to do 10 stars, 5 from the web assignments and 5 from any assignment.  Here are my stars


“2 Stars-Storify”

“3 Stars-Resume”

Any Media

“2 Stars-Business Card IM”

“2 Stars-Business Card PB”

“3 Stars- Newspaper Article”

“2 Star-Poster”

“2 Star-Poster”

We also needed to do 2 Daily Creates, here are mine.

“Daily Create- 4/1/2015″

“Daily Create- 4/3/2015″

We also had to comment on 10 other peoples posts.  Here are my comments


We also had to work on our Agency Web Site.  Here is the link to the http://noirillusionsagency.3lilangels.us/blog/

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