9 Weeks down

Week 9 was very hard for me.  Video assignments have been hard to do.  I decided to do the individual work because I have a lot going on right now and I don’t want to have to make someone else work on my schedule.    The first thing I did was my 2 daily creates

“Daily Create 3-18-2015″

“Daily Create 3-19-2015″

I listened to two radio shows on Wednesday night.  They were both different, but I enjoyed them both.  Here is my write up for them.

“Listen to a Radio Show”

I read the required readings, here is my post on that.


This week I learned to “read a movie” this was very interesting.  Here is my write up for that.

“Read a Movie”

My next assignment was a final reflection on the radio show.  I enjoyed the radio show and wish I had had the time to group up for the Video assignments.

“Final Reflection”

I had to do 8 stars of video assignments this week.   4 with a fellow DS106 student and the other on my own.

“4.5 Stars for a Video about a fellow students character”

“4 Stars for a day in the life”

I did my Ideas for 2 Daily Create2 this week.  Here is my post for my suggestion.

“TDC Idea #1″

“TDC Idea@2″

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