5 down, 11 to go

This was a difficult week for me.  Lots of work to do along with working full time and taking another class.  It seems like I spend most of my waking hours thinking about digital storytelling.  I’m enjoying the class, it is just time consuming.  That being said, I have learned so many new things this week and that is what a class is for so I know all the work is worth while.

I read the Vignelli Cannon, it was interesting, but I wonder if the rules he states are still pertinent in the digital age.  I have to admit, it was hard to read and I had to walk away from it several times in order to clear my head.   Here is my post on this reading.

“The Vegnelli Cannon”

Next I watched Double Indemnity it was an interesting film, but I have to admit that I laughed out loud at some of the dialog.  It just seemed a little corny.   Here is my post for the movie.

“Double Indemnity”

This week we learned a lot about design.  The design blitz was fun, I didn’t realize how much our surroundings are designed and not just happenstance.   Here is my Design Blitz project.

“Design Blitz”

I did my 4 Daily Creates, here they are.

“Daily Create 1″

“Daily Create 2″

“Daily Create 3″

“Daily Create 4″

I worked on my 12 stars, I struggled a little, but that was only my lack of reading the directions in their entirety.

“4.5 Star-Professor Groom Poster”

“3 Star-Alternate Book Cover-Isabelle McIntosh’s favorite book”

“3.5 Star-Bumper sticker”

“3 Star-Advertise using a cartoon character-Isabelle McIntosh’s favorite Drink”

Next we learned about Copyright & Creative Common.  Here is that blog post.

“Inform Yourself about Copyright & Creative Commons”

I am not prepared at this time to submit my design ideas, but I definitely appreciate the reminder.


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