Design Assignment

Here is a 3 point design Assignment.  I created an invoice for my character (Isabelle McIntosh’s) detective agency.  I billed Noir We There Yet? Radio for the interview I did with George Bozo.  I gave it a very low invoice number because I am not very proficient at interviewing yet.   Here is my invoice.

Red McIntosh- Invoice for Covert Interview

I had a hard time converting a word document to something I could put on Flickr.  I tried turning it into other kinds of documents, but nothing seemed to work.  I googled it and found the correct directions.  I created the invoice in Microsoft Word and used the Snipping tool to turn the document into a JPG, then I posted it on Flickr.



3 thoughts on “Design Assignment”

  1. Hahah! I love it! Better make them (us?) pay for your time!
    Really good job, overall.
    Just a heads up–you seem to have been highlighting part of the Word doc.
    Such unique and detailed work, though and a great idea in general.

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