I did this 3 Star Project for the radio show.  It was fun.  It was my first attempt at a commercial and I think it came out good.  A little corney but it was fun.  My husband and I did the audio part and I put it together using audacity  and I used an ad I created during design week to decorate it.  I downloaded the sounds from even the guitar.  I hope it makes you want a Grape Nehi.

5 thoughts on “Commercial”

  1. This sounds really great, however I have no idea how you made it! Did you record the dialogue yourself? What sounds did you use- link to them. Why did you choose this assignment and what does it mean? I think it would be a good idea to revisit the page on how to write up an assignment. Then, we could learn from your techniques and methods.

  2. Hahahaha That is cool and funny! I like this add even though I have not herd of the product at all. I think for next time adds need to be shorter so your would not lose your viewers attention!

    Keep up the good work!

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