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Week 10….already?

I started this week feeling a little overwhelmed.  I have a lot going on in my personal life right now and 15 stars kind of overwhelmed me.  I am not completely happy with my final projects, but I know I did the best I could with the time I had. Here are my 15 Stars.

5 Star Assignment-Public Service Announcement”

“5 Star Assignment-Special Person Montage”

“5 Star Assignment-Video Essay”

One More Video Assignment- I did the interview with the 4 members of the Agency.  I answered two questions each, I wish I could talk smoother, it seems that even with my face hidden I still feel nervous in front of the camera.

“Character Interview”

This week we did 3 daily creates

“Daily Create 3-23-2015″

“Daily Create 3-24-2015″

“Daily Create 3-25-2015″

I commented on 10 blogs, I looked at quite a few  blogs and I enjoy the different ways of approaching the same project.


I did the extra credit assignment, because you can never have too many points.  I enjoyed listening to this groups show, even though it kept me up a lot later than I had planned on staying up.

“Extra Credit Opportunity”

Poem for George Bozo

This is a 2 star writing assignment.  I needed to write a “Night Call” poem.  I decided I should write it regarding our radio show and my interview with the Crime Boss George Bozo.  Once I started it it seemed to flow.  I asked the creator of George’s character (Barbara Hall) for a good picture of George and she sent me this great one for my dark poem.  I used PowerPoint to put the two together and I really like how it turned out.  I tried to write it so that you would at least get the gist of what I was trying to say if you hadn’t listened to the “Noir We There Yet” radio show.

Here is my Poem.

Bozo Poem




Listening to DS106 Radio

On Monday night I listened to the “House of Noir” radio show.  It was great.  What a wonderful premise to have it be a call in show.  It got harsh at times, but I think that Noir show’s seem to be that way.  I really enjoyed listening to it.    Next I listened to the show I helped with “Noir We There Yet?”  I am really proud of how it turned out. On Thursday I listened to “Noir Not the Father”  the imagery was great and the crowd sounds enhanced the whole story.   It was a great show.  Next I listened to “Noir Talk” , this one was a very different kind of story from the others.  It was very mysterious and left the listener with a lot of questions.  I like the intrigue.