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Week 13 Summary

This has been a hard week, we have worked hard to decipher all of the clues that we could find.  Eventually we did find the thief, even it it was someone very close to the case.  Here are all clues


Here are a few of our tweets for this week.


We are done with this case and ready to face any new cases that come our way.

Here is a link to our site to see all the work we did this week.

Week 12- Summary Post

This week has gone by pretty quickly.  I have been on the case trying to work with George to find out who stole the Night Driver.  I created a video of a clue I found.


I have tweeted quite a bit, here are a few of them.


I also did my 10 comments


I did my first update and posted in on our Agency site.  I also added a list of clues for me and George to work on.    Our site is located at:

Week 11-Really???

This week we worked on our characters and created a Agency.  Barbara and I have brainstormed to see how a Librarian/Detective would have any thing to do with a Mobster.  We found an interesting way to do this and we look forward to sharing our story.

We were asked to do 10 stars, 5 from the web assignments and 5 from any assignment.  Here are my stars


“2 Stars-Storify”

“3 Stars-Resume”

Any Media

“2 Stars-Business Card IM”

“2 Stars-Business Card PB”

“3 Stars- Newspaper Article”

“2 Star-Poster”

“2 Star-Poster”

We also needed to do 2 Daily Creates, here are mine.

“Daily Create- 4/1/2015″

“Daily Create- 4/3/2015″

We also had to comment on 10 other peoples posts.  Here are my comments


We also had to work on our Agency Web Site.  Here is the link to the

Week 10….already?

I started this week feeling a little overwhelmed.  I have a lot going on in my personal life right now and 15 stars kind of overwhelmed me.  I am not completely happy with my final projects, but I know I did the best I could with the time I had. Here are my 15 Stars.

5 Star Assignment-Public Service Announcement”

“5 Star Assignment-Special Person Montage”

“5 Star Assignment-Video Essay”

One More Video Assignment- I did the interview with the 4 members of the Agency.  I answered two questions each, I wish I could talk smoother, it seems that even with my face hidden I still feel nervous in front of the camera.

“Character Interview”

This week we did 3 daily creates

“Daily Create 3-23-2015″

“Daily Create 3-24-2015″

“Daily Create 3-25-2015″

I commented on 10 blogs, I looked at quite a few  blogs and I enjoy the different ways of approaching the same project.


I did the extra credit assignment, because you can never have too many points.  I enjoyed listening to this groups show, even though it kept me up a lot later than I had planned on staying up.

“Extra Credit Opportunity”

9 Weeks down

Week 9 was very hard for me.  Video assignments have been hard to do.  I decided to do the individual work because I have a lot going on right now and I don’t want to have to make someone else work on my schedule.    The first thing I did was my 2 daily creates

“Daily Create 3-18-2015″

“Daily Create 3-19-2015″

I listened to two radio shows on Wednesday night.  They were both different, but I enjoyed them both.  Here is my write up for them.

“Listen to a Radio Show”

I read the required readings, here is my post on that.


This week I learned to “read a movie” this was very interesting.  Here is my write up for that.

“Read a Movie”

My next assignment was a final reflection on the radio show.  I enjoyed the radio show and wish I had had the time to group up for the Video assignments.

“Final Reflection”

I had to do 8 stars of video assignments this week.   4 with a fellow DS106 student and the other on my own.

“4.5 Stars for a Video about a fellow students character”

“4 Stars for a day in the life”

I did my Ideas for 2 Daily Create2 this week.  Here is my post for my suggestion.

“TDC Idea #1″

“TDC Idea@2″

8 Weeks Down

This week has been tough.  It was hard to get back into the swing of things after the break.  I started off just doing the daily creates, I wish I had done more before the weekend, but I will do better next week.  I enjoyed doing them, the projects are interesting and fun to  ponder.   Here are my Daily Creates.

“Daily Create 1″

“Daily Create 2″

“Daily Create 3″

I went through a lot of blogs, everyone is doing a wonderful job.  I did my 10 comments, here is a link to them.


Next I went in and created an email and Twitter account for Isabelle “Red” Mcintosh.  I sent an email to Professor Bond to give him the address it is  Here is one of my first tweets.

I listened to several radio show’s including my groups.  They were all great.  It is amazing to me the amount of creativity this class  brings out in all of the students. Here is my post on the radio shows.

“Listening to the Radio”

I worked on my 10 stars.  It was fun to just have to think in the persona of “Red”, and to try to tie my fellow classmates into the posts.  I really enjoyed this project.  Here are my stars.

“2 Stars-Poem to George Bozo”

“2 Stars-What’s in a name?”

“3 Stars-Invoice for services rendered”

“3 Stars-Valentines Day card”

The last thing I did was my 4 inspires.  This was hard because there are a lot of people in this class that have inspired and encouraged me.  This class breeds that kind of support and I really appreciate it. Here are my Inspire posts.

“Inspire #1- Spencer Scott”

“Inspire #2 – Emily Bostaph”

“Inspire #3 – Mia Boleis”

“Inspire #4 – Cody Walker”

All in all this was a great week.  It took a while to get motivated and back into the swing of things, but it was a great week.




7 Weeks down

This was a good week.  I finally met my group and they were amazing.  Everyone was wonderful and we all seemed to work good together.  We met on Saturday at UMW in one of the recording rooms, we worked hard and got this show done.  Emily volunteered to do the final  edit and I think she did a great job.  I need to thank each and everyone of my group members for their support during this really tough week.

Here is my post on our radio progress.

“Radio Progress”


Here is our final cut.

I did my 3 daily creates and enjoyed doing them.  Here they are:

“1st daily create”

“2nd daily create”

“3rd daily create”

I did my 10 comments, I wish I could have done more, I just ran out of time.


6 Down, 10 to go

I’m really starting to feel more comfortable in this class.  I’m starting to get a lot of this stuff.   I’m even getting used to the sound of my voice on tape.  I didn’t think I would ever get used to that.   Audacity is getting easier, so are the other programs.  I want to work more with Gimp and learn how to do Gif files.  They seem like a lot of fun, but hard and I’m going to have to take the time to figure it out.  We formed groups this week, I think my group will do a great job.  I got to use Google Docs and I haven’t done that in a long time and it does so much more than it used to do.

Here is my Radio Show Post

“NoirWe There Yet?”

Next I did a Poster to advertise our radio show.  I did this on PowerPoint.  I found the picture and I thought it was perfect.

“Radio Show Design Project”

Next we had to listen to a Radio Show,  I listened to two of them.  I enjoyed them both.  Here is my post on them.

“Radio Show Listen Along”

I commented on several posts belonging to my classmates.  Here is my post on that.


I did my Audio Assignments and earned my 10 Stars.

“3 Stars for a Commercial”

“4 Stars for a Soundboard Conversation”

“3 Stars for Emotions in Sound”

This has been a great week, I’m looking forward to next week and finishing our Radio Show.

5 down, 11 to go

This was a difficult week for me.  Lots of work to do along with working full time and taking another class.  It seems like I spend most of my waking hours thinking about digital storytelling.  I’m enjoying the class, it is just time consuming.  That being said, I have learned so many new things this week and that is what a class is for so I know all the work is worth while.

I read the Vignelli Cannon, it was interesting, but I wonder if the rules he states are still pertinent in the digital age.  I have to admit, it was hard to read and I had to walk away from it several times in order to clear my head.   Here is my post on this reading.

“The Vegnelli Cannon”

Next I watched Double Indemnity it was an interesting film, but I have to admit that I laughed out loud at some of the dialog.  It just seemed a little corny.   Here is my post for the movie.

“Double Indemnity”

This week we learned a lot about design.  The design blitz was fun, I didn’t realize how much our surroundings are designed and not just happenstance.   Here is my Design Blitz project.

“Design Blitz”

I did my 4 Daily Creates, here they are.

“Daily Create 1″

“Daily Create 2″

“Daily Create 3″

“Daily Create 4″

I worked on my 12 stars, I struggled a little, but that was only my lack of reading the directions in their entirety.

“4.5 Star-Professor Groom Poster”

“3 Star-Alternate Book Cover-Isabelle McIntosh’s favorite book”

“3.5 Star-Bumper sticker”

“3 Star-Advertise using a cartoon character-Isabelle McIntosh’s favorite Drink”

Next we learned about Copyright & Creative Common.  Here is that blog post.

“Inform Yourself about Copyright & Creative Commons”

I am not prepared at this time to submit my design ideas, but I definitely appreciate the reminder.


4 Down, 12 to go

This week was filled with audio assignments.  I thought that the pictures took me out of my comfort zone, this audio stuff was harder then I ever thought.  I spent hours just playing with Audacity trying to figure it out, and I’m still not very good at it.  I sent out a desperate tweet on Thursday and then realized that the help I needed couldn’t be accomplished in a tweet.  I just needed to buckle down and try harder.   I did all of my audio assignments.  I think that I picked a hard one to start with and that was the most of my problem.

For 3 stars I did the Audio Assignment Interview/Music Mash-up.  This was a kick in the pants and I don’t suggest anyone with no experience with Audacity try to do it as a first project.

“On the street interview”

Next I thought about doing my sound effect story for my Character.  I started out with just sounds of a library and started to post that, but after sleeping on it (and listening to other peoples posts) I realized that mine needed a lot  more.   I decided to make it Isabelle McIntosh’s first case.  This decision made me so much happier with the whole project.  Here are my sound effects for a kidnapping in a library.

“Isabelle’s First Case”

For 4 stars I did the assignment for Spooky Sounds.  This was fun because what I thought sounded spooky, didn’t really sound that bad when mixed with the other sounds.  I had to change several of the sounds and get something more distinct in order for it to sound spooky.

“Spooky Sounds”

To finish off my 8 points I did an Over Dramatic reading of a child’s poem for 1.5 stars.  I used one my kids liked that is funny and I made it serious.  I think it turned out well.  Here is Shel Silversteins “Quality Time”

“Quality Time”

This week we read about “The Ambience of Film Noir” this was interesting to read about and helped me to understand more about what the sounds were there to portray.  I enjoyed listening to DS106Radio and tried to listen again the next night but my system wouldn’t work.  It turned out that when I downloaded one of the programs to make the audio recordings I must have downloaded a radio program and it blocked DS106Radio from playing.  I figured it out and deleted the program and I can hear DS106Radio again.   Here is my blog about audio storytelling.

“Think about Audio Storytelling”

I did three Daily Creates this week, I enjoyed all of them.

In the first Daily Create I had to take a picture of  “ruin porn” I took a picture of an old goat house on my property.  I think it came out good. I went to my go to PowerPoint for editing the picture and adding the caption.

“Daily Create 2/2/2015″

The next Daily Create I did was a “sorry” picture.  I took a picture of my cat stretched out over my laptop.  I know he wasn’t sorry (it was warm and the house was cold) but I thought it would work for this task. I used PowerPoint to accomplish this.

“Daily Create 2/3/2015″

The last Daily Create I did this week was putting a caption on the sad puppy picture.  It was fun to see all the different things people came up with.  I used PowerPoint to add the caption on this one too.

“Daily Create 2/4/2015″

I created a radio bumper for DS106 Radio, I used Audacity, and it was pretty easy now that I have a handle on the program.  The hardest part was trying to find an MP3 that fit the mood of the Radio station.

“DS106Radio Bumper”

Lastly I had to Brainstorm for a new DS106Radio show.  Here is my idea.


This was a good week.  I had to figure a lot out and I have lost a lot of sleep over this class, but I think I have this pretty much figured out.