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Public Service Announcement-George Bozzo

This is a 5 star assignment to create a Public Service Announcement.  I used the emergency broadcast sounds that I downloaded from and I recorded the audio myself.  I used a fellow character in DS106 (George Bozzo) a known mobster and wanted to warn everyone about him.  I used Movie Maker to make this.  I learned a lot because getting the sound where I wanted it was a little difficult at first.

Valentines Day Card

This was a 3 star design assignment.  In this assignment I decided to have my 1940’s character send a valentines day card to another character from the “Noir We There Yet?” radio show.  I found a picture on Google images that I liked, then I put it on PowerPoint and wrote on it.  I changed the words to the common “Roses are Red” poem and just had fun with it.  I don’t really know if there are blue fedoras, but it worked in the card.  Here is my assignment.



What’s in a Name

This is  2 Star writing assignment was to explain my 1940’s characters name.  This was easy to do, her name just came to me.  Here is my explanation.


What’s in a name?

I chose the name, Isabelle “Red” McIntosh for odd reasons.  My 1940’s character is a librarian who moonlights as a detective/writer. I love the name Isabelle, but then I decided that if she was going to be a detective she needed a cool nick name.  Red came to mind because that was a moniker I always liked.  The reason I used McIntosh is because it is my favorite apple.  All this made it really easy to come up with a logo for her detective agency, Red’s Investigations.  I think the name fits the character very well and I think it fits her.   I have included her logo to show how well it works.Reds Investigations



Design Assignment

Here is a 3 point design Assignment.  I created an invoice for my character (Isabelle McIntosh’s) detective agency.  I billed Noir We There Yet? Radio for the interview I did with George Bozo.  I gave it a very low invoice number because I am not very proficient at interviewing yet.   Here is my invoice.

Red McIntosh- Invoice for Covert Interview

I had a hard time converting a word document to something I could put on Flickr.  I tried turning it into other kinds of documents, but nothing seemed to work.  I googled it and found the correct directions.  I created the invoice in Microsoft Word and used the Snipping tool to turn the document into a JPG, then I posted it on Flickr.




I did this 3 Star Project for the radio show.  It was fun.  It was my first attempt at a commercial and I think it came out good.  A little corney but it was fun.  My husband and I did the audio part and I put it together using audacity  and I used an ad I created during design week to decorate it.  I downloaded the sounds from even the guitar.  I hope it makes you want a Grape Nehi.