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6 Down, 10 to go

I’m really starting to feel more comfortable in this class.  I’m starting to get a lot of this stuff.   I’m even getting used to the sound of my voice on tape.  I didn’t think I would ever get used to that.   Audacity is getting easier, so are the other programs.  I want to work more with Gimp and learn how to do Gif files.  They seem like a lot of fun, but hard and I’m going to have to take the time to figure it out.  We formed groups this week, I think my group will do a great job.  I got to use Google Docs and I haven’t done that in a long time and it does so much more than it used to do.

Here is my Radio Show Post

“NoirWe There Yet?”

Next I did a Poster to advertise our radio show.  I did this on PowerPoint.  I found the picture and I thought it was perfect.

“Radio Show Design Project”

Next we had to listen to a Radio Show,  I listened to two of them.  I enjoyed them both.  Here is my post on them.

“Radio Show Listen Along”

I commented on several posts belonging to my classmates.  Here is my post on that.


I did my Audio Assignments and earned my 10 Stars.

“3 Stars for a Commercial”

“4 Stars for a Soundboard Conversation”

“3 Stars for Emotions in Sound”

This has been a great week, I’m looking forward to next week and finishing our Radio Show.

Radio Show Progress

I started Monday wondering if I would be able to find a Radio Show Team.  This was very stressful because I only really know one person in the class, Barbara Hall, so we got together and started working on adding more members to our team.  The first thing we did was send a Tweet to Spencer Scott, he is awesome and has helped both of us do a lot of projects.  He had a friend he had already agreed to team up with so that is when we met Cody Walker.  He is very friendly and has lots of great ideas.  Lastly was Emily Bostaph, she is a quirky and seems like a really fun person to work with.  We started talking about our characters and it was weird, its like we planned this.  Mine is Isabelle, she is a sleuth.  Spencer’s character, Donnie, is a reporter, so far so good.  Barbara’s character, George, is a Mob Boss.  Cody’s character is a criminal, it was getting even better.  But, what were we missing?  A Femme Fatale, we really needed one for a good Noir story and guess what Emily’s character, Cecilia, is.  Perfect.  So many ideas going through our heads now.  This is practically writing itself.   We have met a few times on Google Doc’s and brainstormed and split up the work.  Right now we are planning on doing a show very much like “Elliott in the Morning”.  I’m very excited about our progress.  With this amazing team this is going to be a great project.



Copyright & Creative Commons

This was an interesting concept.  I did not know anything about Fair Use and I found it very interesting.  I didn’t know it was ok to use small insignificant portions of a video to create something different.  I wondered when we did screen captures of the Noir movies a few weeks ago if it was really legal to capture a picture and not use some kind of “Bibliography” or “Works Sited” page.  Now I understand why we did not need this.  I think the extension of the copyright laws is a little overboard, I agree with the message on the “Ted Talks” video that it is stifling creativity.   I think this was an important message for all of us.  I think creative commons is a good idea and allows people to let others use their work.

I think that the changes that are coming are good ones and promote creativity in a way that could not have been imagined when the constitution was drawn up.

Audio Storytelling

Audio is a very important part of Noir films, it is used to dramatize  scenes.  Shifts in sounds are used to create an ambiance that makes the viewer feel like they are part of the story.  There is a very important relationship between the scenes and the sound effects.  Sounds are used to increase the intensity of the scene, they even use silence  at times for the same reason. Sometimes in nightclub scenes  they have female singers in “male dominated scenes” in order add the feeling of romance.

I watched the two video’s of the “Touch of Evil” opening shot and found them to be very different.  the first one had playful music, lots of road sounds and laughing, you can even hear the carts passing and even the goats in the scene.  I don’t think all this adds to the scene, I felt it took away from it.   I think that the version by Orsen Wells was better, it is more serious and sets the mood better for the upcoming explosion.  I felt that all of the laughing was distracting in the first version.

I listened to the “Butterfly” on Monday night on DS106Radio.  I really enjoyed it.  The echo’s in the cave were my favorite part.  The story left something to be desired, but I loved the use of the sound effects.





Photographer….Not so much

I don’t have a lot of experience with photography, just snapping pictures of my husband or my kids. I have been known to take a picture of the landscape and I have a few of them I am very proud of. I don’t take as many pictures now as I did when my children were young, I don’t know why it changed, it just did. When I take pictures, I tend to just aim and click, not a lot of thought goes into them. After all the readings I realize that I could say a lot more with my photos if I just added a moment of thought to the process. I really want to try to capture a feeling in a photo, not just the happy little family, but the other things we feel. I’m excited to try this, I just wish I had the kids home to practice on. I will have to practice on my cats.