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Listen to DS106Radio

On Wednesday night I listened to two radio shows.  I listened to Noir at Night and Silk Road.  Both of these were good.  They both were put together my teams of two individuals and I think that is amazing.  They sure did a lot with little resources.  “Noir at Night” was a review of current Noir movies.  I didn’t realize that they were Noir and I would have appreciated a little more information whey they would be Noir, but it was good and I loved all the different accents these two guys put into their show.  Silk Road was different, it was a very fast paced crime drama.  It was current Noir too and it was enjoyable.  I really enjoyed both of them and the commentary from the instructors was quite enjoyable too.  Here are a few of my tweets from the twitter-a-long.



8 Weeks Down

This week has been tough.  It was hard to get back into the swing of things after the break.  I started off just doing the daily creates, I wish I had done more before the weekend, but I will do better next week.  I enjoyed doing them, the projects are interesting and fun to  ponder.   Here are my Daily Creates.

“Daily Create 1″

“Daily Create 2″

“Daily Create 3″

I went through a lot of blogs, everyone is doing a wonderful job.  I did my 10 comments, here is a link to them.


Next I went in and created an email and Twitter account for Isabelle “Red” Mcintosh.  I sent an email to Professor Bond to give him the address it is  Here is one of my first tweets.

I listened to several radio show’s including my groups.  They were all great.  It is amazing to me the amount of creativity this class  brings out in all of the students. Here is my post on the radio shows.

“Listening to the Radio”

I worked on my 10 stars.  It was fun to just have to think in the persona of “Red”, and to try to tie my fellow classmates into the posts.  I really enjoyed this project.  Here are my stars.

“2 Stars-Poem to George Bozo”

“2 Stars-What’s in a name?”

“3 Stars-Invoice for services rendered”

“3 Stars-Valentines Day card”

The last thing I did was my 4 inspires.  This was hard because there are a lot of people in this class that have inspired and encouraged me.  This class breeds that kind of support and I really appreciate it. Here are my Inspire posts.

“Inspire #1- Spencer Scott”

“Inspire #2 – Emily Bostaph”

“Inspire #3 – Mia Boleis”

“Inspire #4 – Cody Walker”

All in all this was a great week.  It took a while to get motivated and back into the swing of things, but it was a great week.




What’s in a Name

This is  2 Star writing assignment was to explain my 1940’s characters name.  This was easy to do, her name just came to me.  Here is my explanation.


What’s in a name?

I chose the name, Isabelle “Red” McIntosh for odd reasons.  My 1940’s character is a librarian who moonlights as a detective/writer. I love the name Isabelle, but then I decided that if she was going to be a detective she needed a cool nick name.  Red came to mind because that was a moniker I always liked.  The reason I used McIntosh is because it is my favorite apple.  All this made it really easy to come up with a logo for her detective agency, Red’s Investigations.  I think the name fits the character very well and I think it fits her.   I have included her logo to show how well it works.Reds Investigations



Comments- Week 8

In week 8 I really enjoyed looking at everyone’s posts.  It is nice to see how everyone does the assignments.  I think I learn a little about each student when they write, and I get ideas for myself.   I am so impressed by some of the students in this class.   Here are my comments:



Inspire #1- Spencer Scott

My first inspire had to be about Spencer Scott, everything he does captures my attention.  He writes so well and it is so easy to read his work and envision his processes.   I marked his Blog post Rawlen’s Gotta Wake Up Just Like the Rest of Us.  This is just one of his amazing works.  He did all the sounds by himself and did a great job editing it and it just sounded wonderful.  Here is my post for the inspire “I was very inspired by the way the Spencer made all these sounds himself and made it sound amazing.  His write up was also amazing, I have enjoyed reading all of his blog posts and look forward to the next one.”

Week 2, Radio show progress

This was a great week.  I ended up in a wonderful group of people and I really enjoyed this project.  I usually don’t like group projects because I have found that I can’t always count on others.  This week showed me how great a group project can be.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone and having lunch with them.   I really think everyone worked hard and helped make this a great project.


I did my comments this week.  I enjoy looking at how others do projects.  I think this is really a good thing to do.  I need to do it more often, I think it helps me be more creative.