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Week 13 Summary

This has been a hard week, we have worked hard to decipher all of the clues that we could find.  Eventually we did find the thief, even it it was someone very close to the case.  Here are all clues


Here are a few of our tweets for this week.


We are done with this case and ready to face any new cases that come our way.

Here is a link to our site to see all the work we did this week.


So far this week George and I have been looking at clues.  We have a pretty good idea of who took the Night Driver Game, but we want to be sure before we make any accusations.  We have played the game and found some interesting footage.  We have also seen pictures of an unknown person playing the game.   We have removed a few suspects from our list but added a few too.  This is a tough case but I know we can handle it.  This is what we are here for to solve crimes and to get people their property back.  Solving this won’t bring back my parents but it might get us closer to an answer.

Comments- Week 12

Posts were hard to find this week, I made my 10 comments on the “Agency” sites of all the other agencies.


Week 11-Really???

This week we worked on our characters and created a Agency.  Barbara and I have brainstormed to see how a Librarian/Detective would have any thing to do with a Mobster.  We found an interesting way to do this and we look forward to sharing our story.

We were asked to do 10 stars, 5 from the web assignments and 5 from any assignment.  Here are my stars


“2 Stars-Storify”

“3 Stars-Resume”

Any Media

“2 Stars-Business Card IM”

“2 Stars-Business Card PB”

“3 Stars- Newspaper Article”

“2 Star-Poster”

“2 Star-Poster”

We also needed to do 2 Daily Creates, here are mine.

“Daily Create- 4/1/2015″

“Daily Create- 4/3/2015″

We also had to comment on 10 other peoples posts.  Here are my comments


We also had to work on our Agency Web Site.  Here is the link to the


We had to leave 10 comments on our fellow students blogs.  Here are my comments.

Week 10….already?

I started this week feeling a little overwhelmed.  I have a lot going on in my personal life right now and 15 stars kind of overwhelmed me.  I am not completely happy with my final projects, but I know I did the best I could with the time I had. Here are my 15 Stars.

5 Star Assignment-Public Service Announcement”

“5 Star Assignment-Special Person Montage”

“5 Star Assignment-Video Essay”

One More Video Assignment- I did the interview with the 4 members of the Agency.  I answered two questions each, I wish I could talk smoother, it seems that even with my face hidden I still feel nervous in front of the camera.

“Character Interview”

This week we did 3 daily creates

“Daily Create 3-23-2015″

“Daily Create 3-24-2015″

“Daily Create 3-25-2015″

I commented on 10 blogs, I looked at quite a few  blogs and I enjoy the different ways of approaching the same project.


I did the extra credit assignment, because you can never have too many points.  I enjoyed listening to this groups show, even though it kept me up a lot later than I had planned on staying up.

“Extra Credit Opportunity”


This week we have to comment on 10 posts.  Here are my posts. I really enjoyed looking at everyones blogs.


Reading assignments

I watched several of the videos on cinematic techniques.   I watched Kubricks one-point perspectives, this was interesting.  I have seen these movies but I didn’t realize that is was filmed that way to portray a feeling.

I watched “The Shining” Zooms.  The zooms in this video made it very obvious that it is a very dramatic effect.  It helped to create a very tense scenes

Tarantino from below made me feel like I was the one in the trunk or that I was looking up at the action.  It makes you feel kind of inferior.

I enjoyed most of the editing techniques in “examples of editing techniques”.  I liked most of them but I have to say I really don’t like the slow motion it looks cheesy.

Final Radio Show Reflection

I’m pretty proud of my group and how our radio show turned out.  It was so amazing to hear our radio show live on the radio.  It was nice to hear people enjoying it and to hear what the instructors had to say about it.  If I could do something differently I think we could have done a better job explaining what we were going to do at the beginning of the show; I liked when other radio shows I listened to did that.   The thing I enjoyed most about the project was meeting and working with my fellow class members.  The people in my group were amazing and it was really great to get to know them.  The hardest thing about the project was hearing my own voice.  I always thought I had a smoother voice, but it seemed quite gravely in the audio I listened to.   The only advice I could give future DS106 students would be to listen to your group members.  Our group worked closely together and I think you can tell when you listen to the final project.




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