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Reflections on Noir and Visual Storytelling

I watched 3 of the movies and they were all really disturbing.  The cinematography made them all more dramatic.   They all had dark themes and were all done in Noir style.

The man who wasn't there

This screenshot is from “The Man Who Wasn’t There”  The dramatic shadows in this screen shot show the intensity of the moment.  I like the light and the shadows cast on his face in this screen shot.

The Man Who Wasn't There 2

This is another shot from “The Man Who Wasn’t There”  This one is like the venetian blind effect but they used the jail bars instead.  The bright picture with the dark shadows is a dramatic effect.

Killers Kiss

This one is from the “Killers Kiss”.  It is a suspenseful moment in the film and the shadowy figures increase the suspense.   It also incorporates the grittiness of the city.


This is one of the final scenes from “Chinatown”  The urban night-scape and the fact that the heroine is in the car trying to escape  make this a classic noir shot.  This one is also showing the grittiness of the city.



Noir photo Safari

I went on a Noir Safari this week and I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it.  Photographing things in black and white is amazing.  I love the contrasts in the pictures and I think I will end up doing more of this kind of photography.


I like the dramatic look of the clouds both in the sky and the reflection in the pond.


The shadows in this one are very dramatic and give me a somber feeling.


This is my “Venetian blind” effect


This one seems very foreboding to me.


Here is my noir cat.

This was a great assignment and I look forward to more pictures like this.


What’s in the bag-Visual Assignment-Isabelle McIntosh

This visual assignment is to tell what is in Isabelle McIntosh’s purse. It is a 3 star assignment

Isabelle’s purse is basic black purse that contains several things that she uses on a daily basis.   She always has a comb and her lipstick, she is not a vain girl, she just likes to have a neat appearance.  She always carries a couple hair combs, just in case she needs to dress her short hair up a little.  Isabelle always has a book, currently she is carrying a copy of the latest Agatha Christie novel,  Agatha is her favorite author and she dreams of one day being just like her.  She has a little cash and some loose change in case she needs to make an emergency purchase.  She always carries  a photo of her family, she is the baby in the family and misses the carefree times she used to spend with her parents and two older brothers.  She always carries a pair of black gloves in her bag,  her mother always told her that every young woman should have gloves with them.    She has a handkerchief that belonged to her mother, she often just holds it for the security she feels when she does.   Isabelle always has a notebook  and a pen that she uses to keep notes with.  She likes to keep up with the news and she jots down notes about things she has heard and her thoughts.

Isabelle McIntosh's Purse