Soundboard Conversation

This is the Soundboard Conversation assignment for 4 Stars.  It was hard, I know the 4 pointers are supposed to be hard but this took me several hours.  I started off trying to get on to Soundboard, it would not accept any of my addresses, but finally I got it to sign on using Facebook.  I picked the Breakfast Club because I love that movie.  I picked 6 quotes to use and downloaded them.  I put them into Audacity and started the process of making it work.  I had to download my audio separately and upload it to Audacity and it worked great.  I wanted to put the song, “Don’t You Forget About Me” in the background to try to make it more obvious which movie I was taking quotes from.  I ended up purchasing it on and I couldn’t get that to work.  I asked my son (26 years old) and he had it in an email to me in 3 minutes.  I am just not as tech savvy as I would like to be.   I put the audio together to my liking and uploaded it to SoundCloud.   I’m happy with how it turned out.

9 thoughts on “Soundboard Conversation”

  1. HAHA, I love this! I like the fact that used the iconic background music. For the future though I would try to get all the voices to have the same volume. Nice work though!

  2. As a HUGE fan of The Breakfast Club, I loved this. The only thing I could say is to even out your voices to make them the same volume. I think the conversation flowed very well, sounded like a high school reunion! :)

  3. Hahahah this gave me a good laugh. I appreciate all of the effort you put into this one.
    Thanks for layering it over the Simple Minds, it added some depth and was probably pretty useful for you to mask some background noises. *Raised fist*

  4. This is great! You are probably a lot more tech savvy than you give yourself credit for because this sounds seamless.

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