Inspire #1- Spencer Scott

My first inspire had to be about Spencer Scott, everything he does captures my attention.  He writes so well and it is so easy to read his work and envision his processes.   I marked his Blog post Rawlen’s Gotta Wake Up Just Like the Rest of Us.  This is just one of his amazing works.  He did all the sounds by himself and did a great job editing it and it just sounded wonderful.  Here is my post for the inspire “I was very inspired by the way the Spencer made all these sounds himself and made it sound amazing.  His write up was also amazing, I have enjoyed reading all of his blog posts and look forward to the next one.”

2 thoughts on “Inspire #1- Spencer Scott”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I totally agree with you – his work is great, and this is definitely one of the best things I’ve seen created in this course. This is a cool assignment this week because your post inspired by his post has now inspired me.. if that makes sense!

  2. Agree 100%. Spencer puts in all of his effort on every assignment and this post made me go back and check out more of his work. Bravo Spencer

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