The designblitz was a fun project.  I never realized how much design was out there.  I have my 4 examples of design, I probably could have come up with more but time ran out on me.

The first one I will do is color.  I pass this sign often the the color is very eye catching and appropriate.  They changed it to Pink in October (breast cancer awareness month) and they have left it that way.  It always catches my eye.


The next design concept I selected was metaphors/symbols.  I just discovered this one the other day and I thought it was clever.  I never noticed the arrow in the logo before.  I think it is a very clever symbol.


Next I looked in my mail and found this one.  I think it is perfect for the form/function/message.  It is very simple but it gets the point across.  It portrays family, patriotism and has a simple message.


I wanted to get some architecture in this so  I took a picture of my stairs.  I think that they are the very example of minimalism & use of space.  This is a very effective use of space and is wonderful for us.

Minimalism-Use of Space



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