Copyright & Creative Commons

This was an interesting concept.  I did not know anything about Fair Use and I found it very interesting.  I didn’t know it was ok to use small insignificant portions of a video to create something different.  I wondered when we did screen captures of the Noir movies a few weeks ago if it was really legal to capture a picture and not use some kind of “Bibliography” or “Works Sited” page.  Now I understand why we did not need this.  I think the extension of the copyright laws is a little overboard, I agree with the message on the “Ted Talks” video that it is stifling creativity.   I think this was an important message for all of us.  I think creative commons is a good idea and allows people to let others use their work.

I think that the changes that are coming are good ones and promote creativity in a way that could not have been imagined when the constitution was drawn up.

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