Audio Storytelling

Audio is a very important part of Noir films, it is used to dramatize  scenes.  Shifts in sounds are used to create an ambiance that makes the viewer feel like they are part of the story.  There is a very important relationship between the scenes and the sound effects.  Sounds are used to increase the intensity of the scene, they even use silence  at times for the same reason. Sometimes in nightclub scenes  they have female singers in “male dominated scenes” in order add the feeling of romance.

I watched the two video’s of the “Touch of Evil” opening shot and found them to be very different.  the first one had playful music, lots of road sounds and laughing, you can even hear the carts passing and even the goats in the scene.  I don’t think all this adds to the scene, I felt it took away from it.   I think that the version by Orsen Wells was better, it is more serious and sets the mood better for the upcoming explosion.  I felt that all of the laughing was distracting in the first version.

I listened to the “Butterfly” on Monday night on DS106Radio.  I really enjoyed it.  The echo’s in the cave were my favorite part.  The story left something to be desired, but I loved the use of the sound effects.





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